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Summer styles for relaxed hair

Relaxed hair has always been synonymous with looking neat and tidy. It has always been the go-to for when you want to look your most presentable. We can however all agree that we are past that thinking though right? Well most of us! Women can look neat and presentable with whatever hair texture they choose to rock! That said, relaxed hair undoubtedly allows you a lot of versatility and since it’s summer, it’s time to have tons of fun with your hairstyles.

This is a classic style that never gets tired. It’s the perfect style for framing your beautiful face and accentuating your neck. You can rock this style for work and even date night, especially when you want to show off those statement earrings you love!

Growing up, this was known as the “push-back”. Every girl with relaxed hair has done this hairstyle and it’s also a classic that will never get old. It’s the most simple and basic style, and really allows your outfit to shine. So it is perfect for when you are going for a well-balanced look and nothing OTT.

Bubble pony

This is currently a trend EVERYWHERE! You have probably seen this look in magazines, on runways and even on music videos. It has a very regal appeal to it and is perfect for those days when you feel goddess-like wearing your favourite maxi-dress. You can achieve this look by attaching a hairpiece extension to your own ponytail if your hair is too short. This will give you volume and length, which is necessary for this look.

Tousled waves

This is the perfect hairstyle for “I don’t care but I care” days. Waves are great because they do not need much maintenance, all you have to do is occasionally run your fingers through to wake the waves up. In actual fact, they tend to look better as the day goes.

Pixie cut

Before this was made popular by Rihanna, it was made popular by Halle Berry and Toni Braxton. Oh, and who could forgot Anita Baker! This goes to show how timeless it is! It’s the best carefree summer hairstyle for relaxed hair. This tapered cut also frames the face beautifully and allows your facial features to shine!

Finger Wave

This is a vintage style that has made a comeback and we absolutely love it! It’s perfect style especially for short to medium relaxed hair and is great for women with round or oval shape faces.

MPL’s Hair Gel is perfect for relaxed hairstyles as it provides a shine for that sheen finish. It also encourages hair growth and comes in a compact little container that you can take with you everywhere!

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