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Adopting an easy daily hair-care routine

We lead such busy lives so much that every single minute of the day counts. Any task that takes up into our sleeping time we try to eliminate, and getting your hair done in the morning should not be a time-consuming task


Here are some quick and easy ways to ensure your morning routine is seamless so that you can squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep without feeling guilty.

  • Ensure that your hair is often detangled and deeply conditioned. A deep conditioner ensures soft and healthy hair that is manageable.

  • Braid your hair before you go to bed. When you take out your plaits the following morning, your hair will have volume and beautiful waves.

  • Hey it’s okay to wash and go. Shrinkage is real but on some days you can stand under the shower and be out the house without much manipulation to your hair.

  • Make use of a satin or silk scarf when you sleep. A satin scarf keeps your hair hydrated and it reduces the possibilities of getting tangles in your hair.

  • Create a Pineapple hairstyle, this has got to be the easiest hairstyle if you have long natural hair. It saves you the time in the morning as it is easy to create.

The aim is not to sweat the small things, the tasks with high priority should never be neglected at the expense of a long and tedious morning hair routine. Be smart about how you approach it. Save yourself some time while you at it.

Love, MPL

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