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3 reasons to keep (or pick up) exercising

our alarm clock goes off. You hear it in the distance and hope it’s a bad dream. It goes off again. This time a little louder, less foggy. You roll over with a groan and press the snooze button, but not before you see “gym time” across the screen. You close your eyes for one second and open them 10 minutes later.

Snap, now you have to rush to get dressed for the gym, but not before you check out Instagram for motivation. 15 minutes into the IG black hole, you reach out for your workout clothes, which you so diligently laid out the night before. It’s freezing, so you either get dressed in front of the heater. Another 10 minutes later and you realise your gym session might have to be shorter today. Hmm a homemade smoothie would be good. Let’s see what’s happening on the news this morning. Where are your car keys? It’s 30 minutes later, and now you might as well just go straight to work.

Sound familiar? I know, I know. Some days you need more than just a little motivation to get to the gym, and with winter nipping at our heels, it’s getting even more difficult. So, I thought I’d give you some extra motivation to get your fitness on this season.

Below are 3 (fantastic) ways that exercise affects your hair, and just the right MPL hair product that perfectly matches each benefit.

Speeds Up Hair Growth (Perfect Match): MPL Sure2Gro Hair Oil

Regular exercise increases blood circulation, which is great for your body, but also for your scalp. Increased blood circulation in the scalp promotes hair growth. Just half an hour of cardio a couple of times a week can improve the health of your hair (it’s great for your skin and nails too).

Keeps Hair Thick (Perfect match): MPL Black Castor Oil

We all know that exercise reduces stress for mental well-being, but have you ever thought about how great that is for your hair? High-stress levels produce a hormone called cortisone, which can make your hair thin out or completely shed in some areas. On the other hand, when exercising the body produces serotonin, also known as the “the happy chemical”. Side note: Have you ever tried to detangle your hair in a bad mood? Your knots don’t deserve it.

Makes hair easier to manage (Perfect Match): MPL Hair Oil Original

Exercise unclogs your pores. As your hair grows out of follicles (which are just pores that grow hair), sometimes they get blocked. This not only stunts hair growth but also creates that less-than-pretty buildup that can cause hair to get matted and/or difficult to manage. With regular exercise, the heat from your scalp allows your hair follicles to open up.

A parting note: Make sure to wash your hair regularly, to avoid sweat build-up, which stunts growth and causes knots. Now set that alarm clock for tomorrow morning’s fitness session, and remember that your hair will thank you for it.

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