MPL Rubbing Alcohol
Our Rubbing Alcohol has 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to help protect surfaces and skin against germs.
Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner
The Hair Doctor presents the long-awaited solution to product build-up and dandruff* free hair; our Sulphate and Paraben Free Purifying Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner packed with the many benefits of charcoal.
Black Castor Oil
Whether you have natural or chemically treated hair, the Black Castor Oil is sure to grant your hair excellent results. Regular use of MPL Black Castor Oil will help to leave your hair feeling Stronger & Thicker

- Suitable as a treatment product for Dandruff & Dry Scalp
- Rich in Omega 9 Fatty Acids which are known to have a Conditioning & Moisturising effect of the scalp and the hair
- Also helps improve Scalp Circulation and Hair Lustre.
Sure2Gro Hair Oil
A special blend of jojoba and menthol formulated to encourage hair growth, help to prevent hair loss and improve the overall health of your hair. Say hello to the hair of your dreams.
Original Hair Oil
MPL Hair Oil Original is formulated with lanolin and glycerin to help improve the overall health of your hair, whilst providing extra moisture and conditioning to the hair. Say hello to strong hair that is full of life.
Olive Oil Moisturiser
Introducing the MPL 4-in-1 hair solution that is specially formulated with olive oil, shea butter, rosemary and clove. This formula encourages hair growth, helps to strengthen, moisturises and conditions your hair as well as helping to sooth and heal the scalp. Say goodbye to dull breaking hair.
Vitamin E Hair Oil
MPL Vitamin E Hair Oil is specially formulated with Vitamin E to help assist with protection from the harmful effects of the sun. This formula also encourages hair growth, reduces hair loss and provides extra moisture and conditioning to your hair. Say goodbye to bad hair days during summer.
Hair Food
The combination of Jojoba, Lanolin, Argan oil and Omega 3 and 9 in MPL Hair Food helps to reduce the appearance of split ends and dry hair. Added Lanolin ensures extra moisture and conditioning to the hair whilst leaving it full of life and shiny at the same time. Get beautiful healthy hair today.
Hair Gel
MPL Hair Gel is specially formulated to help improve the overall of your hair and encourage hair growth, allowing you and your hair to shine and be styled. Say goodbye to boring hair. Love, MPL
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