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Setting a Good Foundation for your Protective Style

Daily manipulations can put a strain to your hair and hairline, tucking it all away in a protective style saves you time too as protective styles require low maintenance. It is important to prepare your hair before getting a protective style, we recommend that you prepare your hair way in advance before booking your appointment with your hairstylist with some simple advice:

Trim unlevelled tips:

To remove tough knots and prevent breakage of your hair, a trim is essential. Protective styles help with sealing in our edges.

Deep cleanse:

Ensure that you use a sulfate-free shampoo that will not strip away the good oils from your hair. Our hair follicles produce natural oils (sebum) which is essential to promoting hair growth, as you enjoy a deep wash, remember not to overdo it before a protective style.

Finger Detangle and stretch your hair:

Our hair is made of numerous strands that are tightly coiled. Ensuring that you detangle your hair eliminates the pain of knotted strands and breakage as you run the comb through your hair. It takes time and patience to detangle your hair but you will thank yourself when done. Always remember to detangle on wet hair and not dry hair.

Hair Mask:

During the cooler months, our hair tends to be dry, a good hair mask will ensure hair nourishment and sealing in the moisture in your hair. The best hair mask is the one that leaves your hair feeling healthy and shiny, make sure it contains natural ingredients that are not harsh to relaxed or natural hair.


We could not emphasise the importance of moisturising. Maintain moisturising your hair even when you have your protective style. To retain moisture try the MPL Hair Food which helps reduce the appearance of split ends and dry hair.

Try our Black Castor oil which promotes blood circulation resulting in hair growth and a dandruff-free scalp.

Love, MPL

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