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Using MPL products to ensure healthy hair.

A common lie that we often tell ourselves is that we do not need to do anything to our hair while it is in a protective style… this is a total myth. It’s important to set a good foundation for your protective style and to continue with good hair-care habits to ensure your protective style lasts longer and your hair is healthy, stimulating growth.

When we neglect to take care of our hair while it is in a protective style this may cause dandruff, an itchy scalp, oil build up blocking the pores and ultimately causing hair breakage.

You do not need to pop in at the hair salon while using our products on your protective style because they are the real plug. Our range of products restores damaged hair while promoting good growth… we can vouch for this. We recommend you use the following MPL products for your protective style.

MPL Black Castor Oil

Stay moisturised, stay hydrated. Our Black Castor oil works for all hair types, from natural curls to chemically treated hair. It promotes hair growth and treats dandruff.

MPL Hair Food

For thinning hair that is susceptible to breakage, our hair food ensures that your dry hair is moisturised from root to tip and reduces the appearance of split ends. A great nourisher for your edges too.

MPL Coconut Oil

Believe the hype, buy the dream, there’s nothing coconut oil cannot fix. It moisturises your hair intensely, especially when you have dry and frizzy hair. Be warned that a little goes a long way. Pour a little in your shampoo too, its helps not to strip away all the good oils on your scalp.

Sure 2 Gro

Big hair no care, we don’t know how many times we’ve had to run to the mirror after taking out our protective style with the false hope of our hair being longer than what we think it is, what a joke mah darling! Our Sure2Gro hair oil could bring you close to hairgoals dreams, specially formulated with Jojoba oil and menthol encouraging hair growth.

It’s no secret that each one of our product has been specifically formulate with your hair needs in mind. Our products are available online at or in store at Pick n Pay, Clicks, Makro and Dis-chem.

Love, MPL

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