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The Myth of Overnight Hair Growth

Hair growth is always the centre of hair conversations especially when looking at healthy afros and curls. We ask ourselves all sorts of questions like “how long does it take to transition from straight to natural?”, “does reducing the use of chemicals help or hinder our hair growth?” or even “can we eat food to promote hair growth?”

All these questions are valid but unfortunately, our desperation for hair length has resulted in so many false promises and hair scams!

I’m sure you’ve come across videos or ads claiming overnight hair growth which, just isn’t true. Hair grows at an average rate of 1.27cm per month. This obviously doesn’t mean your hair can’t grow faster but it definitely means your hair will not gain “inches” overnight as some Instagram accounts may claim.

The truth about our hair growth is similar to that of our overall health – it’s a consistency game. When we commit to a consistent hair regime, like we should to healthy eating, we will begin to see long lasting results with time and not immediately. Consistency in your regime makes wash days less daunting as detangling will become less of a strenuous experience and will help with the overall manageable of your hair.

Finding the right product and regimen can take time but it’s completely worth it. If you are doing all the above but can’t seem to get some length, we recommend our MPL SURE2GRO Hair Oil. Infused with jojoba and menthol, our SURE2GRO hair oil is your best friend in hair growth.

While hair growth may feel too slow for our expectations, tempting us to try extremes, we urge you to remember that everything worthwhile takes time, patience and consistent effort. Also, be kind to yourself and this includes your hair.

Love MPL.

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