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Winter Hair Care Routine

The cold and dry winter days are slowly creeping upon us. The cold season has some negative effects on our hair, we experience dryness and breakage, we also lose some volume and moisture, causing split ends. The scalp becomes dry and flaky and this causes a dandruff problem leaving your scalp itchy giving you discomfort.

We share with you the best advice on how to take care of your hair during the winter season minimising the harsh weather effects and preventing hair damage. Below are our winter hair care tips that we swear by so that you can maintain healthy-looking hair.

Avoid washing your hair frequently

What we mean by this is, try having longer intervals between washing your hair with shampoo and use a conditioner as it is less harsh. A shampoo will strip away good essential oils from your roots. You need the essential oils that keep your hair moisturised and scalp hydrated to fight the dryness of the cold season.

Use our Black Castor Oil

An oil-based moisturiser gives extra moisture and evaporates slower than lightweight moisturisers so during the cold and dry season you need this sort of moisture to protect our sensitive curls and coils. We recommend our Black Castor oil which also helps to prevent dandruff from building up and itchy scalp.

Deep Condition your hair every two weeks.

To replace lost moisture from the dry season, we highly recommend that you deep condition your hair, give it 30 to 40 minutes wrapped up in a plastic shower cap to open the hair pores and lock in moisture. A deep conditioner restores any lost moisture and gives a smooth hair strand texture.

Line your woolen beanie with satin

To avoid split ends and breakage, line your woolen beanie with a silk or satin fabric, this could be an old vintage scarf or an off-cut from the fabric shop. Materials such as cotton or wool can be very harsh to your hair, soaking up all the moisture hence we recommend a satin fabric as lining.

We hope you’ll be warm and snug this winter and that you will keep that hair flourishing!

Love, MPL

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