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Considering a big chop? Here’s some inspiration

There are as many ways to cut your hair short as there are ways to skin a cat. Doing a big, or medium, chop doesn’t mean having to just put some clippers through your locs and calling it a day.

My short hair journey has been a fun trip in discovering what styles my head can take well, and what a difference something like a little long-walk-to-freedom-line can make. So, I thought I’d share some of my favourite short hair styles with you.

What’s cooler than an angular high-top fade? The style has been made popular by Nandi Mngoma and Loot Love. This nod to the 80s boss cut can have you feeling like an elegant queen and the king of the streets all the same time.

Line em up! This simple addition to any style of short cut can really elevate your look. It adds a little edge, and depending on how far back the line goes, and how it curves (or doesn’t) you can have a whole new look in minutes.

Bald and bold. Women are embracing all of their features, whether society tells us they are beautiful or not. We are taking

charge of expressing that beauty anyway. A bald head is not as shocking as it used to be, but it still makes a strong statement that I absolutely adore.

When it comes to short hair, you have so much room to play around. It just takes a little creativity, some courage and a barber/stylist who’s willing to jump down the rabbit hole with you.

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