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Women in Hair: Celebrating our curly and coily queens

August is Women’s Month in South Africa so we would be remiss if we let the month pass by without celebrating our curly and coily queens! So let’s show love together.

Our first lady is Neo Leburu who shows off her curly crown in style! She is giving length and volume, everything we love about healthy hair!

Image via _Instagram (@neo_leburu)

Zoe Shasha shows her crown in a beautiful headband. We love seeing natural hair being accessorized!

Image via Instagram @zoe_sasha_

Bushbaby Amy shows off her beautiful, full curls and we love to see it!

Image via Instagram (@bushbaby.amy)

Mandy Jacobz dazzles with defined curls! While 4C hair has very tight coils, you still can get beautifully defined curls with curling rods like Mandy.

Image via Instagram (@mandy_jacobz)

Katlego Tefu shows off her TWA (Teeny-Weeny Afro) in a fresh and edgy way showing us that all crowns are worth celebrating.

Image via_Imstagram(@katlego_tefu)

Renowned natural hair enthusiast, Sinovuyo Mondliwa, looks stunning with her sleek, up-do, showing the versatility of natural hair.

Image via_Instagram (@sinovuyomondliwa)

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