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Winter Care: 3 ways to keep your hair from drying out

By Phemelo Segoe

Winter is finally here and so is icy winds, dry air and don’t forget the unending laundry. Yay! We know that dry air means dry hair and MPL does not have that!

Here are 3 easy ways to keep your hair from drying out so we can minimize the winter blues.

1. Give hot water a break

Image source: All things hair

Yes, we know it’s cold so washing any part of your body, nevertheless, your head, with cold water is not ideal. But, in Winter, washing your hair with hot water is a big ‘no-no’. Hot water erodes the much-needed moisture from your scalp making your hair tresses more vulnerable to the cold, dry air. If you already suffer from dry scalp, using hot water to wash your hair will make it worse.

So what should you do? Use lukewarm water for all washes.

2. Oil is your best friend

Image source: By Maletsatsi

Since we know that Winter is Miss Dry-Spell, doubling up on moisture efforts is vital. We recommend basing your scalp at least once a week with a moisturising oil. You should ideally opt for hair oils that are known to hydrate the hair as well as the scalp, like MPL Hair Oil Coconut or MPL Black Castor Oil.

Pro Tip: Warm up your oil before applying it. This will give your better results!

3. Deep Condition. Deep Condition. Deep Condition.

Image source: Natural Hair Rules

If there’s one thing you need to get right in Winter, it’s deep conditioning your hair! Ideally, you should deep condition your hair on the same day that you are oiling. And since we need to oil our scalps once a week, deep conditioning needs to follow suit. It will not only add moisture to your hair but will also nourish it.

Winter might be dreary but it’s not all doom and gloom. Layer up, stock up on some hot chocolate and use these tips and protect your crown!

Love MPL.

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