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Weathering Winter: 4 tips for 4C hair

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As winter begins to creep in, amping up your hair care game is becoming critical. If you have 4C hair, keeping your hair healthy and protected in the harsh, cold weather is particularly important. The dry air and low temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on natural hair, making it brittle and more susceptible to breakage. However, with the proper care and attention, 4C hair can remain healthy and protected throughout the winter. Here are some pointers to get you rolling:

1. Be gentle with your hair

It's important to treat 4C hair gently to prevent breakage because of its fragility. Be careful not to overheat your hair this winter by using heated styling tools. When styling your hair with hot tools, use a heat protectant and avoid pulling too hard. Remember, winter is the season for protective styles like twists and braids, so book your appointment and keep that crown safe.

2. Protect your hair from the elements

Protecting your 4C hair from the cold weather is important if you want it to last the season. Wrap your hair in a scarf or hat to protect it from the wind, and don't go outside while it's still wet.

Protip: Forget about wash & go’s in winter.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Because of the extreme dryness that natural hair can experience during the winter months, it is essential to keep your hair well moisturised. At least once a week, give your hair the TLC it needs by treating it to a hair mask or deep conditioner to help it retain moisture and nutrients. You could also try using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to add more moisture to your hair and to help it retain that moisture. Pay special attention to the ends of your strands, as they are the most likely to become dry and brittle over time. 3. Protect your hair at night

To keep your hair from rubbing against your pillowcase at night, wear a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. By doing so, you protect your hair from breakage and avoid waking up looking like Vegeta!

4. Keep your scalp healthy

Winter is a good time to focus on scalp care because a healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair. Avoid using harsh shampoos that can strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, you can use our MPL Shampoo & Conditioner Twin Pack to gently cleanse and condition hair, leaving both the hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean. It is especially important to maintain a clean scalp when wearing protective hairstyles. With these tips, you can keep your 4C hair healthy and protected throughout the winter. Remember to be patient and consistent with your hair care routine, and don't be afraid to try new products and techniques to see what works best for you. You can keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful all winter long if you take good care of it.

Love MPL🧡!

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