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Understanding Hairlines

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Everyone’s hairline is different and distinctive however all hairlines typically fall within one of the known hairline categories. Hairlines are defined by several characteristics, such as the shape of one’s head as well as height. Men can have any of the hairline shapes that women do, however the male hairline tends to change much more dramatically over time.

Hairlines are affected by multiple factors. These factors include genetics, age and lifestyle habits. Did you know that hairlines also change with age? So if you have a hairline you don’t like, you may actually be able to alter it. But remember, just about any hairline can look good when styled right.

Hairline types in women include:

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A low hairline sits relatively close to the eyebrows giving the appearance of a short forehead. Since hairlines in both men and women may recede with age, starting out with a low hairline may be a good thing.

A middle hairline is often described as a normal hairline simply because it's the most common amongst women. This type of hairline sits in the middle of the forehead and is often the most desired.

A high hairline begins high up on the crown of your head. High hairlines are often the result of genetics, but can also be caused by hair loss.

As you can see, there are many other hairline types for women that are subject to a woman's face, genetics and how they style their hair. Can you find yours?

Before we move on to male hairlines, it’s important to note that receding hairlines in women differ from female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. If you have a receding hairline, your hair may stop growing at one or both temples, giving you an “M” shape. But receding hairlines can also just move straight back horizontally, exposing more of your forehead. Wearing excessively tight hairstyles daily for extended periods of time can also cause one’s hairline to recede. This condition, known as traction alopecia, can be temporary or permanent. Menopause can also cause some receding hairlines. Some women may notice that their hairlines have receded slightly at the temples after pregnancy but thankfully, this kind of hair loss is often temporary.

Now let’s look at the men! Here are hairline types in men:

Photo by Healthline

As with women, a low hairline in males starts closer to the eyebrows, making the forehead appear shorter. Low hairlines are most common in boys and young men, who have not yet started to experience any hair loss. A low hairline that moves straight across a boy or young man’s forehead is referred to as a juvenile hairline.

Men who have middle (or average) hairlines tend to have a proportionate look to their foreheads. A middle hairline may sometimes be uneven but sometimes, it may also appear straight and other times, rounded. This type of hairline is common in men during their teens and twenties.

Male pattern baldness is a hereditary trait, caused by the interplay between hair follicles and hormones, such as testosterone. This condition is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia. Males may notice their hairlines receding at any point after puberty.

Receding hairlines can resemble high hairlines that continue to reveal more scalp as they recede. Receding hairlines in men can also result in a deep "M" shape if the hair recedes significantly at the temples.

Remember, just like a fingerprint, every hairline is unique. Hairline types vary in shape and change with age. As much as your hairline is influenced by genetics and how you style your hair, if you don’t like it, there are ways to alter its appearance.

Would you like to read an article on how to alter your hairline? Let us know in the comments section!

Love MPL 🧡.

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I did a very tight hair style now my hair line is gone…. I would love to know how to get it back


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roony ron
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Would definitely love to read an article on how to alter my hairline. 🧡

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