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Normal Shampooo VS Clarifying Shampoo

Have you been wondering what the difference is between a clarifying and normal, regular shampoo? Well, wonder no more because we’ve got the 411 for you! In this article, we will be comparing normal shampoo to a clarifying shampoo and telling you everything you need to know so you can make better decisions about what you use to cleanse your hair.

First, what is a clarifying shampoo and how is it different from normal shampoo?

Normal shampoo is great for normal cleansing and keeping hair clean on a daily or need-based basis. A clarifying shampoo on the other hand, is a deep cleaning shampoo. This is what you use when you need to get rid of impurities, product buildup, fungus bacteria or silicone from styling products.

If a clarifying shampoo does all that, shouldn’t you just ditch the normal shampoo all together? Well, no.

Normal shampoos are great for keeping hair clean to the touch and since we all know by now that we shouldn’t be buying shampoos with sulphate in them, they’re also safe for daily use – but don’t wash your hair everyday.

The real difference in the chemical composition between normal shampoo and clarifying shampoos lies in the active ingredients. What sets clarifying shampoo apart from other cleansers is its level of heavy surfactants. Surfactants are soap-like ingredients that get rid of built-up dirt and grime in your hair. These are much stronger than traditional shampoos and they are the reason why you should not overuse clarifying shampoos.

So when should you use clarifying shampoos?

Every now and then, your hair needs a deep clean. Just like your face needs an exfoliating wash to unclog blocked pores, so does your hair but for product or dirt build-up. Daily facial cleansers play a vital role in the health of your skin but every now and again, they need some reinforcement – enter exfoliators. This is the same for your hair. After a long stretch with a protective style, you cannot just expect a normal shampoo to get rid of the weeks worth of grime, you need a clarifying shampoo to give your hair and scalp a full reboot. By doing this, you improve your hair’s ability to absorb moisture - complementing the overall health of your hair. It will also improve the performance of your styling products. So to answer the question, you should probably look at using a clarifying shampoo once a month – either as your reset or a monthly treatment for your hair.

Lastly, how should you use a clarifying shampoo?

Like we said above, a clarifying shampoo is designed for use once a month and you can apply it as you would any other shampoo.

- Step 1: Start with combing out any knots in your hair.

- Step 2: Section your hair into four parts.

- Step 3: Work a small amount in your hands and then apply to your damp scalp, massaging the product into one part of the hair. Then repeat until all four parts are evenly lathered.

- Step 4: Leave in your hair for up to 1 minute.

- Step 5: Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly.

- Step 6: Apply conditioner.

This last step is very important. Always apply conditioner after every clarifying shampoo session, not only to keep your hair soft, but also, to seal moisture in the hair cuticle, keeping it from drying out. You don’t have to use any special conditioner after your clarifying shampoo, whatever you have will do. Simply apply your regular conditioner to your middle and lower locks in an even layer, wait for 2 - 3 minutes, and then rinse.

And there you have it! If you’re wondering where you can get a clarifying shampoo, well, we’ve got you covered there too! You get our clarifying shampoo here.

To happier hair days.

Love MPL 🧡.

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