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New Year, Same Goals?

2022 is less than a few weeks away. After the kind of year 2022 was, you might feel like you need a little bit more time before facing a new year - and that’s completely valid. The new year is often met with new resolutions and big hopes of life improvements and when these changes aren’t maintained, we can easily feel like we failed. But, why do we offer such little grace to ourselves?

Contrary to popular narratives, the new year does not have to be about new goals and new plans. The new year is also a new opportunity to try again.

2021 was such a difficult year and this pandemic hasn’t loosened its grip. We need to readjust our expectations of our capacity accordingly because believe it or not, living through a global pandemic is taxing both psychologically and physically. As human beings, we have limited capacity, which is why rest is so necessary. With the additional stresses, we need to understand that our capacity has decreased even further which means we need more frequent doses of rest & renewal and more time for completing tasks.

If you couldn’t tick everything off your 2021 list of goals, bring them over to 2022.

If you didn’t manage to get that hair regime on lock in 2021, let’s try again in 2022.

If you didn’t get to learning a new skill like you promised in 2021, roll it over to 2022.

Whatever you had your eyes set on in 2021, there’s grace for the shortfall and an opportunity to try again in 2022.

There’s no honour in self-flagellation so just don’t do it. You are allowed to need more time to get things done. You are allowed to fail and try again. Give yourself the permission to walk into a new year with renewed focus and confidence.

As you plan your comeback, please plan rest too. Remember we work so we may live, we don’t live so we may work. You are more than your output, you’re you.

Happy Holidays!

Love MPL 🧡

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