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Level up your hair routine: Let’s talk charcoal

It may seem like charcoal is in everything these days - from face masks to toothpaste - and that’s because it delivers. Every. Single. Time. I wanted to put you on to the wonders of this beauty ingredient by addressing some of the hair challenges that our readers have shared. Spoiler alert, the answer is probably charcoal.

“My scalp is itchy and flaky, but dandruff shampoos dry out my hair.”

More than a few of us have had dry scalp issues, but that the beauty industry somehow neglects this very common problem, resulting in having to pick up shampoos that dry out and break the hair. That was until charcoal came onto the scene. Charcoal soothes itchiness, irritation and removes flakes while leaving the scalp hydrated to prevent dryness.

“How can I safely get rid of product build-up without breaking my hair?”

I’ve been doing braids since I was a child, so I’ve had my fair share of white rings of product stubbornly wrapped around my re-growth. I’ve also been experimenting with texturisers lately, and dandruff caused by the gel is no joke. I’ve found that charcoal is a strong detoxifier. It works like a magnet to attract and remove build-up. It extracts excess oils from the hair and purifies the scalp to reduce the likelihood of dandruff.

“The hair products I’ve been using have suddenly stopped working and I’m tired of trying new things.”

When something that has always worked suddenly doesn't, it can be reeeeally frustrating, but it’s also not healthy to keep switching hair products on a whim. Don’t fret, because charcoal helps products work better. By removing build-up from the hair, it allows for better absorption of active nutrients within hair treatments and enhances overall health and shine. To get the best results, you can use it in conjunction with any MPL Hair products.

“My daughters and I have different hair textures, but I can’t afford to buy a bunch of different products”

From Type 1 to Type 4, charcoal is good for all hair types and textures without drying or changing hair colour. You might find that, depending on your hair type and how much other product you use, you don’t even need to shampoo as often.

Now here’s the best part:

MPL has partnered with this most hard-working of beauty ingredients to bring you the MPL Sulphate and Paraben Free Purifying Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner. Adding these two charcoal-packed products to your hair routine will make it much easier to retain beautiful moisture-rich hair with every wash.

Love, MPL

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