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Is Short Hair In Again? 

Short hair is making a grand comeback, and we are here for it! If you’ve been contemplating whether to chop those locks or rock a sleek, short 'do, we’re here to give you the lowdown on why short hair is the talk of the town again. 


Let’s face it, maintaining long hair can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Short hair, on the other hand, offers you a break from the constant detangling, deep conditioning, and elaborate styling. With a chic, short hairstyle, your morning routine can be cut in half – giving you more time to slay the day! 


Frequent trims and reduced manipulation mean less breakage and split ends. Short hair can be a great way to hit the reset button on your hair’s health. Plus, it's a fabulous way to grow out damaged hair or transition from relaxed to natural hair. Remember, healthy hair is the best hair, regardless of length! 

Who says short hair lacks versatility? From bold pixie cuts and sassy bobs to elegant finger waves and edgy undercuts, short hair offers a plethora of styling options. Accessorise with headbands, clips, and even colour to keep things fresh and fun. 

There’s something incredibly empowering about a fresh, short haircut. It’s bold, it’s daring, and it makes a statement. Short hair can enhance your facial features, making you stand out in the best possible way. It’s a style that says you’re confident, fearless, and ready to take on the world. 

Top MPL Products for Short Hair Care 

Short hair needs love too! Here are some MPL must-haves to keep your short hair looking its best: 

  1. MPL Coconut Oil: Perfect for adding moisture and shine without weighing your hair down. Use it as a light daily moisturiser or a deep conditioning treatment. 

  1. MPL Black Castor Oil: Strengthen and thicken your hair with this powerhouse oil. It’s ideal for keeping your scalp healthy and promoting hair growth. 

  1. MPL Vitamin E Hair Oil: For that extra dose of nourishment, Vitamin E oil helps repair damage and protect your hair from environmental stressors. 

The real question now is, is this the right time for a good chop? Or will you rather wait for Spring? 


Let us know in the comments below!  


Love, MPL 

Your Hair Doctor  

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