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Hairsphemy! - Things You Shouldn't Say About Type 4C Hair

Have you found yourself feeling some type of way because someone without natural hair said something about your locks? Or maybe you caught feelings on someone else’s behalf? Well, we know that the natural hair gang can be sensitive but people can also be so tone deaf. In this article, we're talking "hairsphemy" – things you just shouldn't say or ask about type 4 hair. Ready? Let’s get into it!

Source: @telistyles 

1. "Your hair must be so hard to manage"

Hold up! Saying natural hair is hard to manage is like saying a diamond is hard to polish. Sure, it takes some care, but the results are worth it! And all hair requires some level of management. Why should natural hair be perceived as unmanageable? With the right products and routine, our hair can be just as manageable as any other hair type. The secret sauce? Moisture, love, and a bit of patience.

2. "Why don't you just relax it?"

Excuse me? Suggesting that relaxing is the only way to "tame" natural hair is giving Western beauty standards. Natural hair texture is a part of appreciating black hair. Plus, the natural hair movement has shown us that beauty lies in the embrace of all the curls and coils. So, stop asking funny questions.

3. "Can I touch your hair?"

If you’re still asking black women to touch their hair, you haven’t been paying attention. Natural hair is not an abstract objection for exhibition. That doesn’t mean you can’t admire it, just admire it from a distance - respectfully.

4. "Natural hair takes forever to grow"

This myth needs to be busted. Natural hair grows just like any other hair type. The difference is in the curl pattern, which means it shrinks more and can appear shorter. But trust us, with the right care – hello, MPL Black Castor Oil! – it can grow long and strong.

5. "Why don’t you straighten it?"

Whew. Just don’t say this. If a natural girly wanted straight hair, she’d straighten it. Constantly needing hair to be straight before you can appreciate it, is a you problem.

6. "Is that your real hair?"

*Insert cringe face* The hair you see on someone’s head is real because you’re seeing it and it’s theirs because it’s on their head. So, perhaps stop asking silly questions if you don’t want a silly answer.

Instead of being hairsphemous, just appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of natural hair. Because natural hair is not just hair – it’s black history, pride, and identity.

Love, MPL

Your Hair Doctor

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