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Hair Health & Hygiene

With the outbreak of COVID-19, hygiene has become the center of all discussions. As we know, COVID-19 lasts on substances for around 8 hours.

Our hair goes where we go, it’s critical for us to make sure that we are not bringing unwelcome guests into our home. Here is a few hair health & hygiene tips to keep your hair clean but also, healthy:

Don’t overwash your hair

Overwashing your hair will result in dry, brittle hair which will frustrate you and trick you into thinking you need to over-moisturize. The skin on our scalp is quite remarkable in that it keeps our hair healthy and moisturized, naturally. How you may ask? Well, each hair follicle on our scalp has what we call “sebaceous glands”. These glands create sebum, a natural oil, to moisturize our scalps and in turn, our hair. When we over wash, we don’t give our sebaceous glands an opportunity to do their bit in keeping our hair healthy.

Don’t under wash your hair

The flip side of overwashing is under washing. When we under wash our hair, we create a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. This makes your hair high risk of carrying unwanted things, like COVID-19. And even though we don’t have enough data to support that the virus can travel through hair, COVID-19 is consistently mutating to adapt to the different environments it finds itself in. So, let’s rather be safe, shall we?

Give your scalp extra love

When shampooing your hair, be sure to massage your scalp rather than scrubbing it in. This is important because it stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which will help with hair growth. If the pores on your head become clogged, the hair will actually stop growing which leads to hair loss. The shampoo is designed to magnetize dirt. It’s our job to really massage it into the scalp - where the oil builds up - and not just concentrate on the easiest part of our hair to clean, our strands. When our hair follicles get clogged, this also means our hair strands get starved of essential nutrients so when washing, do so intentionally.

Rinse shampoo and conditioner thoroughly

We can take rinsing for granted for obvious reasons - it’s just rinsing, right? Wrong. Rinsing is very important and shouldn’t be half done. Make sure you remove all the product from your hair to avoid early build-up.

We are in uncharted territory so keeping a cool head is very necessary. We hope the hair care tips above will help you navigate through this time and keep your hair in the clear.

Love MPL!

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