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Hair Colour On Gents

Should black men be warming up to colour or is colourful hair way out of their range? We are profiling some of the most recognizable men of the planet to determine whether black men can rock coloured hair or not.

1. Odell Beckham Jr

Who knew a black beard and blonde hair made such a delightful combo? American football player, Odell Beckham Jr is pulling off blonde hair with his perfect curls and mohawk cut. What do you think? We think yes!

2. Frank Ocean

American singer and songwriter Frank Ocean went green and we agreed. Ocean’s skin tone complements this green and adds a different dynamic to his overall appeal. We love that he has a standard fade and the green still looks great. Is this a colour black men can rock? We think so!

3. Sisqo

If she doesn’t know him, she’s too young for you bro.

“Incomplete” hit singer, Sisqo is no stranger to bright and bold hair. We’ve seen him blonde and here, we can see that grey is not out of his range. Although grey hair is natural, it’s not a common colour on a young man’s head. So you can either try it out to see if you fancy a grey top or just wait for nature to take its course.

4. Dennis Rodman

We saved the best for last and it’s none other than Dennis Rodman. The basketball legend is known for more than his athletic ability and supreme defensive skills. Fans who gathered to watch his play also looked forward to seeing what colour his hair was. Dennis Rodman is the epitome of a carefree black man, which we stan, but also, he doesn’t seem to believe in colour limitations for your hair. Do we second that? Why not?!

It’s clear that black men can rock colour and do not need to stick to black. All you need is an imagination, a good hairdresser, and confidence to rock whichever colour suits you best. And remember, the only limits that exist with your hair are the limits you put.

Love MPL!

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