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Going from Relaxed to Natural: Your Guide to a Smooth Journey

Image by Anna Shvets_Pexels

Deciding to go from relaxed hair to your natural texture for the first time is like going on a hike with no map or directions, you just do the best you can. Going natural for the second time after returning to relaxers is different. You have a little more patience, and you’re a bit more sure of your decision. The only thing with ‘coming back home’ again is, you really need to do it right this time around. In this article, we’re here to make sure you do just that.

As you start this transition - again, there are a few important things to remember, consider, and just do. Let’s get into it.

1. Getting the Hang of the Transition Process

Transitioning is slow. But you know that already, right? You need to let your hair do its thing without extensive manipulation. In this phase, you'll have two different textures going on, which can be a bit tricky to handle, but this is not your first time at the rodeo, so hu-sah. Be patient. Rome wasn't made in a day, and neither is a gorgeous head of hair.

2. Go for the 'Big Chop' or Take It Slow

One of the first things you have to decide is whether you want to go for the 'big chop' or transition gradually. The 'big chop' is when you cut off all your relaxed hair and start fresh with your natural texture. If that seems too scary, you can take it slow and trim your straight ends little by little as your natural hair grows underneath. Your choice.

3. Keep things moist.

Your hair loves moisture; it's what keeps it looking and feeling its best. Make sure you've got a solid moisturising routine for your hair to keep it hydrated. MPL’s Vitamin E hair oil is packed with nutrients to give your hair moisture and nourishment while stimulating hair growth. You can get it here.

4. Deep Condition. And then deep condition some more.

You just have to make deep conditioning your bestie, okay? Deep conditioning will keep your hair soft, easy to handle, and less likely to break. Go for deep conditioners that are packed with natural oils and minerals for healthy hair.

5. In protective styles we trust.

When you're transitioning, protective styles like braids, twists, faux locs, etc. are your ride of dies. They help keep the two different textures nicely tucked away while keeping you cute. The other key thing is, they lower the chance of your hair breaking.Keep them close.

6. Keep getting those regular trims.

Do not avoid trimming! Trims are your friend. If you do decide to hold onto streaky, straight split-ends, you run the risk of damaging your healthy natural hair. Don’t do that.

7. Keeping Your Diet in Check

What you eat affects your hair - plain and simple. You have to eat a good mix of vitamins and minerals if you want your hair to grow healthy and strong. Make sure to include leafy greens, nuts, and proteins in your meals.

And there you have it, going from relaxed to natural hair (again) isn’t easier than the first time you did it, but you are wiser and armed with knowledge and experience now. We wish you a satisfying journey!

Love MPL🧡.

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