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Festive hairstyles to try

The festive is almost upon and we all know there is no better time to go wild with your hair than this one. Since we have to cover our faces with masks, it’s time to let our hair shine. We have gathered some really cool hairstyles for you to try.

Go big or stay home!

@alannanicolex’s beautiful mane is not just full but it immediately grabs your attention with its golden colour. While this is her natural hair, you can recreate it with a wig!

Faux Locs for the win

@kissmy_freckles is really rocking the hell out of these faux locs. Surely you should too?!

Bring back the beads

@nomzamo_m is looking so festive in her beaded braids. We really see this hairstyle making a huge come back this festive season and why shouldn’t it? It’s young, it’s hip and it’s so festive!

Platinum dreams honey!

What’s the point of cutting your hair off if you’re not going to dye it a fabulous colour like platinum? @iam_biskit is killing this look!


We already have faux locs in the list but colour really takes this look up a notch. If you don’t want to go safe this festive season - and we encourage it - try going gold! @damnthatschev shows up how to pull the whole look together with her edges and dark roots so you have no excuse.

Bright braids baby!

We don’t have to sell you on braids; they are the most versatile and timeless hairstyle. But what we will say is, have you gone platinum, grey or white? Well, now is as good a time as any to be bold with your colour choice.

Thug Princess Vibes

@Yo1love is serving thugnificent princess vibes and we are all for it!!! What more is there to say other than, have you taken a screengrab of this look to show your hairdresser your next hairstyle?

Yes to Bantu Knots

If you want to bet on something, bet on Bantu knots. Bantu knots are chic, trendy and so cute. @olivia_anakwe looks regal in her knots and we think you will too!

When in doubt, go pink!

Pink hair over everything!!! No one rocks pink hair like @romeosfashionfix and if you take a note out of her book, you’ll be able to rock it too this festive season. Go long or curly just as long as you go pink.

Cut it all off

Listen, our festive season is right in the middle of summer so if you are not trying to deal with the heat and your hair, cut it all off. Rock a bald head like our new Miss South Africa @shudufhadzomusida does. We heard it’s the trendiest look right now!

Love MPL!

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