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Every Woman

By Phemelo Segoe

“I'm every woman, it's all in me” - this is a line from Chaka Khan’s hit song ‘Every Woman’. A sign that was intended for her lover, describing her duality and how she can love him how he needs. Today, this statement is used to express a very different message.

Today, women use this line to confirm that they’re not one way. That they can be both strong and vulnerable, happy and angry, empowerment, and still oppressed.

‘I am every woman’ confirms that my womanhood transcends the confines of my body and connects me with every other woman. We use ‘I’m every woman’ to stand in solidarity with women who have fallen victim to GBV, we use ‘I’m every woman’ to combat slut-shaming antics and most importantly, we use ‘I’m every woman’ to say, we are not one dimensional or one type of way. We can be goofy and professional, blonde and intelligent, a tom-boy that loves make-up.

I’m every woman also connects us. I’m every woman means I am you and you are me. My success is your win and your success is mine.

We get to celebrate each other with the understanding that one woman’s win is a win for all women. And this isn’t to take away the spotlight from the woman of the moment, but rather to amplify her shine. Understanding and believing that a win for one is a win for all already makes your win that much sweeter and more meaningful. Women are breaking glass ceilings and records for one another. We are entering spaces that are male-dominated to make room for other women. We are pushing past biases to ensure that more than one woman gets a seat at the table.

Women banding together not only amplifies our voices but it also gives us greater influence. It allows just to make more impactful moves and makes us impossible to ignore. When women rise together, it is impossible to tell them what is not possible for them. But most notably, when women rise together, they redefine womanhood as we know it.

As you celebrate women’s month this year, may you uplift a woman, listen to women, protect women, love women, and most importantly, let women be whoever they choose to be. And if you’re a woman, may you remember that it’s all in you!

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