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Do you really need a winter hair regime? 



Can you believe we have officially entered our coldest season? Yes, Winter is not around the corner anymore; she’s here and she let herself in. What does this mean for all of us? Well, the cute little skirts need to be paired with stockings or packed away, and the minks can come out of the trunks.  


Winter is synonymous with dry, cold air; because of this, adjustments to self-care routines have to be made. From adding additional hydration steps to your skincare routine to taking baths instead of showers, many things are amended in winter to accommodate her demanding temperature. Many things, including your hair care regime.  


Winter’s cold temperatures and low humidity are the perfect drying duo. We need to update our haircare regime in the winter because if we don’t, we run the risk of a dry scalp, which often leads to dandruff and do not get us started on the aggravation of breakage due to a loss of moisture. But moisture loss is not just reserved for your scalp; your hair will catch the winter’s smoke too. From healthy and lush to flat and dry, we don’t want that for you.  


So do you really need a winter haircare regime? Yes. 100% yes. Will this inconvenience you in any way? Not if you want healthy hair all year round.  


Here are the top 7 tips to keep your hair healthy this winter:  


  1. Give your hair some extra love with a deep conditioning treatment. Enhance your curls and boost their elasticity with the help of a nourishing mask. 

  1. Use cold water. It assists in preserving moisture within the hair 

  1. Use thicker styling products: Try the LOC method, where you layer your products by starting with a liquid, moving on to an oil, and finishing with a cream. 

  1. Incorporate protective styles into your hair routine 

  1. Don’t want to wear a bonnet or doek? Use satin or silk pillowcases at night.  

  1. Avoid excessive heat like a plaque. Heat styling can cause hair to become brittle and prone to breakage. 

  1. Let your hair dry naturally. Blowing can remove moisture from hair and leave it dry 


An extra tip for free, pick your winter products wisely. Go for thickness and moisture. Something like MPL Original Oil or our Olive Oil. That’s it. Now get under the covers, it’s chilly in here.  


Love MPL, your Hair Doctor.  

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