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Appreciating all Afros

We celebrated World Afro Day on 15 September so we decided to show love to our natural hair community by making an afro thread, showcasing all the different afros while reminding the world just how glorious and beautiful black hair is.

Join us as we pay homage to TWA and everything else after that.

@katlego_tefu - South Africa

@sibongile_magenuka - South Africa

@wemi_mo - Nigeria

@Cincity_x - United Kingdom

@Rey_mmdl - USA

@KopanoShimange - South Africa

@Tricia_theangel - South Africa

@joynavon - USA

@Naturally__Cassie - USA

@Miss_Acalaca - South Africa

@Nox_mafu - South Africa

And that’s it from us! We hope you enjoyed this thread and are in awe of black hair and all its glory. Remember, your afro is your crown and you get to wear it how you wish.

Love MPL!

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