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Ahead of the curve: Our predictions for this year's top 3 hair trends

We have it on good authority that 2020 is the year we all live our best lives. No more worries about what other people think of us, what they say our limitations are or who they think we should be. This year we’re in our bags, we’re staying hydrated, we’re taking risks and we’re looking good doing it.

In the spirit of our best year yet, we decided to have some fun playing fortune-teller. We kept our eyes glued to fashion week, rubbed a crystal ball, got a whisper from Amandla Stenberg’s hairstylist (not really, but we wish) and came up with some looks we’re excited to try.

1. Embellished cornrows

Make a statement with ease. This trend has been quietly popping up on the fashion side of Instagram for the past few months. You can make a statement with an abundance of embellishments - think pearls or wearing all of your hairpins at once. You can also keep it simple by weaving a thread of gold through each row, crisscrossing it with the next.

2. Green galore

Frank Ocean and Billie Eillish might need to battle it out on who owned this look the best. All we know is that green is fresher than ever. It’s not an easy one to achieve, but before you reach for the bleach, try a temporary color created with your coils in mind. If you’re looking for more of a commitment, remember to take special care of your hair with any of our range of products.

3. Sleek back, low pony-tail

An oldie. A goodie. A classic. If fashion comes back in circles, then the pony-tail lives on an infinity curve, because it’s forever on-trend. The low version (tied at the nape of the neck) has made an appearance on several runways in New York and Milan Fashion Week, and you can make it your own by either tying it together with a simple band or glamming it up with a hairpiece and an accessory.

We hope to see you try some of these trends soon. Love, MPL

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