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7 quick ways to tell your hair loves a product

Image by Princess lky_Unsplash

1. Your hair feels soft

If you switch things up with a new product and the result is your tresses feeling soft and nourished instead of greasy and heavy, you have a keeper folks!

2. Your hair is hydrated

Some products claim to hydrate hair but don’t. When your hair looks and feels moisturised, you have a keeper!

3. Your hair is growing

If you start to see your hair growing (and that was the goal behind the product purchase), then you know it’s working and your hair is loving it!

4. Your scalp feels at ease

If your scalp isn’t set alight, doesn’t itch or show any signs of irritation in the slightest, you can rest assured that you have a product compatible with your head.

5. Your hair doesn’t break

If hair could speak, a reduction of breakage means “What are you doing to me? I love it! Keep doing it”.

6. Your hair soaks it up

If a product stays on top of your cuticle surface without penetrating the hair shaft, then it’s not ‘a goody’. If your hair can soak up and enjoy a product, you know it’s a green flag.

7. Your hair feels stronger

Strength is a mighty good sign that your hair loves a product because it means not only is there penetration but improvement as well!

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