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4 ways you might be damaging your own hair

Haircare can sometimes feel unending and even though you’re doing your best, you might still be doing things that counter all your efforts. We know you love your hair and the fact that you’re ready this blog proves that! So we have compiled a short list of four ways you could be damaging your own hair so that you can stop.

  1. Shampooing throughout the whole length of hair

Shampoos are meant to clean your scalp and the roots of your hair by removing excess product and dirt. Contrary to consistent advertising, you don’t need to shampoo your whole head of hair, you should actually just be applying shampoo to your scalp and roots - where the product and dirt buildup happens. Many shampoos contain substances that dry your hair quickly, which often leads to split ends and other hair problems. If you use shampoo too frequently, the problem multiplies and your hair will lose its moisture fast. Applying shampoo on only your roots and scalp cleans your hair while ensuring minimal moisture loss.

  1. Using the wrong hair products

Every product serves a purpose. Shampoos clean hair, conditioners nourish & soften hair while moisturizers give your hair nutrients while moisturizing it. Does this mean any shampoo or moisturizer will do for you? No. Using products that are not specifically created for your hair type can lead to hair malnourishment, dryness and more severely, breakage. Natural hair is prone to dryness which means the less chemicals, the better. Seek out sulfate-free shampoos so your hair won’t be stripped of too many natural oils and moisturizers without parabens. Make sure your products are adding, not stripping your hair of nutrients.

  1. Pulling your hair back tightly in ponytails or buns

You may be tempted to go for ponytails or buns for a sleek, professional look but statistically, ponytails and buns are some of the primary styles that cause hair damage. While these hairstyles may be quick and require less maintenance than other hairstyles, they ultimately cause hair loss, hair breakage and split ends. This may sound like an exaggeration but tight ponytails and buns create immense pressure on hair roots. The excessive pulling stresses the hair follicles and ultimately leads to damage. You can avoid this by using hair accessories like wraps, alice bands or headbands that aren’t as tight. Does this mean you should never have a cute high bun? No, it just means, you can’t have it back-to-back.

  1. Using bobby pins the wrong way

Bobby pins are the real fixers that don’t get enough credit but have you ever considered the quality and quantity of the pins that you use? It’s pretty normal for bobby pins to create friction but if they’re not used correctly, they can cause serious damage like cuts and scratches on your scalp. In other cases, bald spots. It is important that when using bobby pins, you insert them correctly, that you do not use too many and that you do not wear them daily at the same place.

If you have been doing some of the above, it’s never too late to quit a bad habit. Your hair is your crown so make sure you are always taking good care of it. Which tip did you find most interesting? Let us know in the comments section!

To healthy hair habits.

Love MPL.🧡

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