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3 Tips for Bomb Spring Hair!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Hello crowned Kings & Queens! Spring is knocking and we cannot wait to let her in! But first, we need to adapt our hair regimes to avoid unnecessary bad hair days. Out with the old and in with the new & by new we mean, season appropriate routines!

If you want to learn how to better care for your hair in this new season, continue reading. We are going to share three tips that will help you transition from Winter blues to Spring blossoms!

1. Go lighter!

Since there is a bit more moisture in the air during Spring, we can stop overcompensating. So give the deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioners a break and switch to something lighter, something that smells heavenly and something aimed at combating frizz. Yes, it’s that time already.

2. Weekly washes are back!

Now that Winter is almost behind us, the heat is returning. And with heat comes our body’s natural cooling mechanism, sweat. In order to 1. keep our hair clean and 2. manage odour, we need to increase wash days to weekly instead of biweekly.

Schedule your weekly washes with other self-care practises. Make a day out of it and enjoy nurturing not only your hair but yourself!

3. Styling that lasts

When it comes to styling your hair during the spring season, this is where you want to focus on employing practices and products that make hairstyles last longer. Remoisturizing your hair in the evening so that you wake up to a soft, well-moisturised head of hair makes styling easier. You don’t need to double up on essential oils anymore, just one moisture-sealing-oil like coconut oil will do. Lastly, adding a good hydrating hairspray after any style will do wonders for your hair.

And there you have it! 3 easy Spring tips you can apply to your hair regime today! There’s no time for flakey hair in Spring so make sure you stay cute & hydrated.

Love MPL!

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