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3 (bad) hair habits you should’ve left in 2022

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Do you know if you’re contributing to your hair’s growth or damage daily? When it comes to hair damage, it's not just about bad habits like using too much heat, bleaching or not dealing with split ends. Your regular daily habits, the majority of which appear to be harmless, can cause a lot of stress for your hair. And when done on a daily basis, they can result in slightly damaged hair in the long run. But don’t worry, we are here to tell you what these damaging daily habits are.

1. Stop washing your hair with hot water

Piping hot water on your hair is just a no-go. No matter your hair porosity, washing your hair with hot water opens up the cuticles, allowing moisture to escape and drying the hair out. Switching to medium or lukewarm water is the best way to cleanse while protecting your hair from damage. A blast of cold water at the end to close shop is also a good idea!

2. Not washing your brush? Stop that.

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Almost all of us are guilty of it. Because we brush our hair every day, dead skin cells, oil, product residue and other debris accumulate on the brush and end up back in our hair the next day. Cleaning your brush at least once a week with hot water and antibacterial soap will help you keep your hair clean when brushing.

3. Stop tying your hair too tightly.

A slick updo is simple, reliable and oh so cute! Repetitively pulling your hair back too tightly, on the other hand, is not so cute. Too much strain on your scalp and hairline often leads to hair loss around your hairline and temples. Now this does not mean no more messy buns and pom-poms, we are just saying, mix it up. Add loose hair days, throw in a low manipulation protective style, give your scalp and your hairline breaks in between the ponytails. Lastly, your hair may be very manable when wet, but it’s also extremely vulnerable so avoid excessive pulling and styling.

And that is it! To healthy hair in 2023!

Love MPL 🧡.

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