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Why are you not retaining length?

Over the years, we’ve constantly heard women say things like “my hair doesn’t grow” or “I don’t retain my growth”. The first statement is categorically untrue. Black hair does grow, whether it’s 4C or 4D, it grows. Retaining length, however, is a whole new ball game. So let’s look at how you can retain your length, to make sure you see your hair’s progress.

Our hair may not grow at the same rate as Asian, Indian or Caucasian hair but it does grow. Black hair grows at an average of 10 cm per year however your hair could grow more or less depending on your care and genes. In order to keep this growth, you need to give your hair the kind of care and nourishment it needs.

  1. Know your hair type

You’ve probably heard and read this 100x times but we have to repeat it because it’s so important. Knowing your hair type is like knowing what kind of fuel your car needs to run. The wrong fuel immobilises you while the right fuel ensures that your car gets to where you want to go. The same applies to your hair. Knowing your hair type means you will be able to know what kind of products and techniques your hair needs to grow and flourish. Knowledge goes a long way when it comes to our hair.

2. Care for your hair through the protective style

It’s not good enough to just keep your hair in protective styles, you need to remember that your hair needs to be nurtured even while braided. Maintain exposure to water, make sure that you moisturize your scalp routinely and most of all, don’t keep a protective style on for too long.

3. Manipulate less, cover more

The less pulling your hair and scalp endure, the better. The more we manipulate our hair, the more we increase the chances of breakage. When you leave your hair alone, it actually does what it’s supposed to do - grow.

4. Drink more water

Drinking water during colder months can be a little bit more challenging but your body needs to remain hydrated especially in such a dry season. Put a ‘drink a glass of water now’ reminder on your phone, on a sticky note or on any surface you look at throughout the day. We know it seems excessive but it will help you get into the habit of drinking more water.

5. More nutrition

Eating well is half the battle won. The more you fuel your body with the right nutrients on the inside, the more you will see desired outcomes on the outside. What you put in you will get out, because when it comes to our bodies, fair is fair.

Lastly, be patient. Patience is the kind of virtue that will keep you from disappointment and unnecessary actions. Just let your hair do its part while you do yours. After all, where would you be rushing to? Give your hair the time it needs to grow and give yourself the hair-care you need to enjoy the growth.

Love MPL!

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