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Top 7 Resolutions For 2022

It’s a brand new year and change is in the air! How are you feeling about it? Do you feel prepared or are you still trying to find your feet? A brand new season is upon us and as always, time waits for no man or woman so it’s important to not waste it.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 New Year's Resolutions for 2022! Ready to see which resolutions are the most commonly shared? Here we go!

1. Lose weight

Is this on your list too? This is a very common goal, especially at the beginning of every year. How will you make this year different and actually commit to losing those extra pounds?

2. Eat healthier or change diet

Like number 1, eating healthy is always at the top of the resolutions lists. The only problem with this resolution is sticking to the script when Valentine’s Day comes rolling around. Will you be able to resist all that chocolate and cake? Or will your strategy be all about moderation?

3. Get fitter and take more exercise

The best thing about exercise is you can feel that it’s good for you. The worst thing about exercise is you have to keep at it to see any lasting results. But the good really outways the bad so get out those mats and let that body do that yoga!

4. Spend more time with family and friends

Social media has made us feel more and less connected at the same time. The pseudo connection the virtual world presents creates a false sense of connection that only meaningful time spent with family & friends can set straight. Spending time with your loved ones is an essential part of cultivating joy and belonging. Do it more this year!

5. Sort out finances and cut back spending

Another key theme in peoples' financial resolutions is the need to cut back on spending by buying groceries and limiting takeaways. The cost of living seems to be at an all time high so if there was ever a time to get your finances in order, it’s now!

6. Be more aware and take care of mental health

Mental health is a critical part of our well-being. We cannot act like our emotions don’t exist and we also cannot pretend like certain things don’t affect us. We are living through a pandemic and life, in general, is hard, so please, don’t think twice about starting therapy this year.

7. Take up a new hobby

Adulthood is hard because when we become adults, we are tricked into believing that things we do for fun are a waste of time. Instead, we should be “hustling” and making money every chance we get. This is unhealthy and absolute nonsense. Find a hobby. Feel joy. Prioritise your downtime.

And there you have it! Here are the top 7 resolutions. Are any of these on your list? We hope so and if not, which resolutions will you be adding?

We hope you have a beautiful, intentional 2022!

Love MPL!

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