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Stop losing length: 3 tips to retain growth

Growing your hair long is not an overnight task. Infact, it can be quite daunting when you keep losing length after unplating. We have compiled a short list of vetted tips to help you retain length and make your hair growth journey smoother.

Tip 1: Cut the combs

Stop using combs and brushes and opt for finger detangling your hair. This practice cuts down on the damage that is caused from the friction and breakage that constant brushing and combing large groups of your strands will cause. Finger detangling is also more precise. Instead of just combing, when you can feel knots and tangles with your hands, you can get rid of them in a much gentler fashion than your comb can.

Tip 2: Moisturize & seal

Moisturize and double seal your hair to make sure the moisture you put in stays in. When you add moisture to your hair, it should be with something that is water-based, this is particularly important for low-porosity hair. When you seal your hair, opt for an oil-based sealant after moisturizing. This step is particularly important for highly porous hair to lock in moisture as long as possible.

Tip 3: Stretch your hair

The more you keep your hair stretched out, the less you will have to detangle. The less you have to worry about detangling, the more your hair can just grow. Your hair strands tend to be attracted to each other and because of their natural tendency they can twirl around each other. This interconnectedness is significantly reduced by keeping your hair stretched out e.g. in twists or braids.

Those are our 3 tips. You don’t need to stay frustrated when there are little adjustments you can make to your regimen that can make all the difference! Let us know which tip is your game changer!

To long, healthy hair. Love MPL.

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