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#SilkySeries: Tips to maintain your Silk Press 

POV: You finally decided to get a silk press. You look amazing and need to make it last. 

So, how do you do it? Well, that’s what this article is all about. We’ve gathered tips to help you maintain your skilpress for a little longer. 



Source: Yaabeauty 


1. Wrap your hair when you sleep 


This tip is number 1 because it literally is number 1! Buy a silk or satin bonnet and wrap your hair before bed. Silk and satin naturally cut down on friction, which helps to maintain your hair's silkiness all night.  


2. Keep the moisture at bay 


On rainy days, stay indoors. At pool parties, don’t party in the pool. It's good to keep your hair moisturised, but too much water can make your silk press go back to its natural texture too soon. So be safe and keep dryish.  


3. Use products that are light 


Choose hair products that are light, like serums or light oils, to keep your hair smooth and shiny without making it feel heavy. Heavy butters and creams can build up and make your hair look greasy, so stay away from them. 


4. Cool off on the heat 


If you want to keep your silk press in good shape and keep damage to a minimum, don't use heat styling tools too much. If you need to fix any spots, set your flat iron to a lower heat setting and use a heat protectant first. 


5. If you must work out, protect your hair 


If you're an active bunny, wear a headband that soaks up sweat or wrap your hair in a silk scarf to keep sweat from making it frizzy or messing it all up. Tying your hair up can also work, but remember to lightly blow dry afterwards.  


And there you go! Are there any other tips we’ve left out? Share them with us! 


Love, MPL. Your Hair Doctor.  

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