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Short vs Long: Choose your crown!

By Phemelo Segoe

source: Vogue Mexico

Long hair got such an unfair advantage over short hair for a long time for being more feminine and desirable. But over the years and generations, short hair has cemented itself as chic, edgy and equally as feminine as long hair. So which crown do you think rocks the hardest? We have gathered compelling faces and their crowns for you to decide!

Here are the rules, no context, just A or B. In the end, count how many A’s or B’s you’ve selected and tell us in the comments which crown you’re bowing to.

Ready? Let’s go!

Round 1

A vs. B

Round 2

A vs. B

Round 3

A vs. B

Fourth round

A vs. B

Final round

A vs. B

And that’s how we wrap it up! What is your score? Are you repping A’s or B’s?

We can’t wait to see which team wins!

Love, MPL

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