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Product Overload

Does your medicine cabinet look like this? Have you used half of the products? Chances are, yes to the former and no to the latter. Many people find themselves with overflowing product cabinets all in an attempt to use the best products and see the best results but more is not always more.

Over-consumption is the plague of our generation and unfortunately, more choice means more confusion. It’s hard to choose which products to keep buying and which to stop using immediately when they’re all marketed so well and packaged to convince even the most sceptical of minds.

So how do you go about avoiding product overload without depriving your hair of great products?

Here are a few suggestions to help:

1. Get real about your hair

When you’re trying to decide on whether to buy a product or not, ask yourself “what do I want this product to actually do for my hair?”. Oftentimes the answer to this will help you decide if the product is a right fit for your hair texture and desired outcomes but you have to be realistic about what your hair can actually do and its real texture.

2. Stay woke

We are always being sold to. We live in the era of hyper-everything so oftentimes our purchasing decisions can be a result of being overly stimulated and not really believing in a product. To combat this, dig a little deeper before buying a product. Read and watch product reviews, see if the reviewers with favourable feedback share your hair type and then make your decision. Be mindful in your decisions.

3. Consult with a licensed hairstylist

When all else fails, just speak to the pros. Most licensed hair stylists have products available in their salons that they can recommend for your hair type and texture. Or they can steer you in the right direction so you can make better purchases and see optimal results.

A little bit of everything is not a sustainable plan when it comes to haircare. Knowing what works for you and sticking to it is the best route so rather go with that.

To less cluttered cabinets and happier hair. Love MPL!

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