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Not Natural Enough

Black hair has been a politically charged subject and with the natural hair movement, there’s not been a time where black hair has been more discussed.

The natural hair movement is an important one as it has not only provided much needed representation for black women but it has forced mainstream recognition and celebration of black hair.

This is all great in the effort to create a more inclusive representation of beauty however, cracks that divide even black women are beginning to show in very complex hair politics.

What politics? 4C afros solicit more respect than less curled coils. Black girls who prefer straight hair over natural hair get side eyed for it and choosing weaves is straight up being a ‘sell-out’. Justification and acceptance come at a cost and it seems like the more ‘Western’ your hair, the less admirable. This is not progressive and goes against what the natural hair movement fundamentally stands for – celebrating black hair. Black hair is versatile and dynamic. Black women are able to showcase their creativity and personality through their hair and that’s what is lost by making some types of hair more acceptable than others.

Hair is personal. One could even go as far as saying it’s an extension of ourselves and that should not be policed or guided. It should come from you and dictated by you. No one owes anyone natural hair solidarity and choosing straight hair is not a sign of anti-blackness.

Natural black hair can be naturally straight, curly and course. Black hair is not defined to one aesthetic and is the most versatile hair.

So whatever your hair type or colour, your aesthetic is yours to choose. Your identity is yours to define and your opinions of other people’s hair choices should remain silent unless they are of celebration! Always spread love and hair positivity.

Love MPL

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