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Keep Your Edges on Edge

Traction alopecia is a hair loss condition that is commonly caused by the tight pulling of your hair in front. We can never stop stressing the importance of steering far away from hairstyles and styling techniques that put a strain to your hairline. They don’t call them baby hairs for nothing, delicate and thin in their appearance, they require a gentle touch. Once your edges are gone, they’re really gone! Below are some prevention methods to ensure a healthy hairline.

  • Give yourself enough time to let your hair free before installing another protective style. And when you do get a protective style, ensure that it is not tightly installed.

  • Try keeping your protective style in for four to six weeks as the longest duration.

  • We love to lay the edges down creating some pretty patterns with styling gels but over styling could thin out your baby hairs. Do not use styling gels that have alcohol in them.

We highly recommend our Sure2Gro with Jojoba oil for pre-application before applying your styling gel to lay down the edges.

  • Swear by the satin scarf: Cotton scarves absorb the moisture from your hair hence we recommend a satin silk scarf for your hair.

  • Never shy away from telling your hairstylist not to pick on your edges.

  • When you keep your edges moisturised you promote growth. Essential oils assist in stimulating growth to your edges and keeping your scalp hydrated. For the best results mix your essential oils with water and spray onto your hair every second day. Massage the mixture into your scalp for blood flow.

So before you lay down your edges or book an appointment for a protective style make sure you have given your edges a much needed break and fed them with good hair food.

We swear by our hair food!

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