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Hair Texture: What is your hair type?

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Do you feel like you already know what your hair type is but can't seem to find products that work for it? You might not be as in tune with your hair type as you thought. So let’s refresh our memory.

Caring for your hair follows the same rule as caring for your skin. In order to do it right, you need to first know your hair type. But this is where it gets tricky, determining your skin type is far easier than identifying your hair type. So what can you do? We’re glad you asked. Let’s quickly revisit the hair chart.

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The amount of curling in your hair depends on the shape of your hair follicle. The curlier the hair, the more oval or asymmetrical the hair follicle in shape. In this article, we will focus on Type 3A - 4C hair. So curly and coily queens, you’re up!

Curly Hair (3A - 3C)

Curly hair has a 'S' pattern and reverts to its curls post straightening when in contact with water or as a result of humidity. Curly is often bouncy and full of volume. This hair type is prone to tangling when not properly combed and cared for. People with curly hair have different types of curls. Type 3A has loose curls while type 3B has more medium curls. Type 3C has tight curls

Source: The Fashiongton Post

Coily Hair (4A - 4C)

Coily hair grows in a 'z' pattern. It is mistaken as rough and coarse when in actuality, coily hair is delicate and soft. It is prone to breaking due to its sensitive nature, requiring more care and nourishing. Coily hair loves water and this is seen through its absorption, which manifests as ‘shrinkage’. Type 4A has tight but defined curls. Type 4B and 4C hair is tightly coiled. 4C strands are often more fragile and look to have a very tight zig-zag pattern.

Source: The Fashiongton Post

Type 3 - 4 hair is drier than straight hair because the natural oils produced by our scalp cannot travel as easily down the hair shaft as straight hair does. Because of this, curly and coily hair needs more moisture. These hair types may also appear frizzier if not bonded together to create a defined curl, so carrying a spray bottle with some water and conditioner just to aid with definition is not a bad idea.

You'll find it much easier to manage your hair when you treat your curl or coil right. But don’t forget about porosity! You can read more on your hair porosity here.

Here’s to cracking your hair care regime!

Love MPL.

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