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Ease from routine

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People are creatures of habit. We like things that feel familiar and neuroscience tells us that familiarity breeds cognitive ease. By having a routine, we promote good health and wellness in our lives. While on the contrary, people who don’t have a routine or a certain structure to their days often waste a lot of time and bring themselves unnecessary stress and anxiety. By having a routine, you offer yourself:

  • Better stress management - routine helps create an environment of structure and predictability. This helps decrease stress levels which leads to improved mental health and less anxiety.

  • Better sleeping patterns - if you sleep at the same time every night, you teach your body when it’s time to waken and when it’s time to rest. And we all should know by now, nothing beats a good night’s rest.

  • Better eating habits - if you eat around the same time everyday then your body does not have to guess when it will get its next meal and therefore, will not need to store fat for energy. Good eating habits lead to a healthier lifestyle.

According to research, people who don’t have any type of routine often suffer from:

  • Stress

  • Higher levels of anxiety

  • Poor sleep patterns

  • Weight issues

  • Poor physical health

  • Poor time management

Does this mean you need every minute of your day committed to a repetitive task? No. You don’t need a strict schedule. Having a general structure to your day, that you follow daily, will do. Routines are especially helpful in times of uncertainty and stress. They keep you grounded and help you get things done. But more than anything, routines help you feel more in control and productive. Who wouldn’t want that?

While having a routine is important, give yourself grace and flexibility. Sometimes, some days get crazy and you can’t control the elements. That’s fine! Don’t beat yourself up if you have trouble sticking to your own schedule.

Having a routine doesn’t create boredom, it gives you ease.

Love MPL.

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