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DIY hairstyles to keep you kept

By Phemelo Segoe

So we’re still in lockdown and salons have been closed for longer than any hairstyle can survive. 3 weeks after the national lockdown was announced, all hair broke loose.

While working from home decreases the urgency to get your hair done, the desire to look decent holds steady. So below are a few Instagram picks of hairstyles you can do at home to keep yourself kept.

If you want to tidy up your hair quickly without excessive pulling @petite.jhen’s up-do braid is perfect for you. This hairstyle has relaxed but classy written all over it. Give it a go.

This up-do is the perfect blend of sassy and cute. Many people want to get away from over manipulating their hair during cooler seasons and this hairstyle is great for just that. If you have unruly curls that are bursting with life and volume, you should definitely give this hairstyle a go.

The content queen herself @Kay.yarms braided her own hair at home. Box braids are timeless and a solid protective style. The best thing about this hairstyle is how low maintenance it is while being extremely versatile. The only word of advice we have is, make sure you have arm power because this hairstyle will take your whole afternoon to get done.

The classic ponytail is the ultimate fix-me-up hairstyle. This hairstyle is fast and easy to do but you can match your ponytail to the texture of your hair like @tapiwa_gachala has done here and knock it out the park. You can decide how tight or soft you want the pull to be and that will determine the sleekness. This is a great hairdo, just be prepared to redo throughout the week.

What’s cuter than pom-pom pigtails? Come on, we’ll wait. If you answered nothing, thank you for your honesty because you're right. Pigtails are a classic but black girls are always innovating and remaking classics with a little more spice to them. @fayette_nyehn added textured buns to make her pom-pom pigtails larger than life. You can do the same or you can just use your hair. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

We hope this list has inspired you to manage your hair while looking cute. Make sure you use your favourite MPL products to help keep your hair strong and moisturized. Happy DIYing!

Love MPL.

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