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Coconut Oil and High Porosity Hair

Image by Gabriel Silverio_Unsplash

Coconut oil is a popular natural oil that has been used for hair care for centuries. It is particularly beneficial to people with high-porosity hair. Having highly porous hair means your hair has many gaps in the cuticle, allowing moisture to flow in as easily as it flows out. Coconut oil is especially beneficial for this hair type because the oil acts as a sealant, locking hydration into the hair and thus helping to prevent dryness. If you have highly porous hair, here are three reasons why you should add coconut oil to your hair regimen:

1. Moisturising

Highly porous hair has gaps or holes in the hair cuticle, making moisture retention difficult. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft and provide the moisture it requires. This also assists in keeping the hair hydrated and healthy.

2. Sealing Coconut oil helps to seal the gaps and holes in the hair cuticle, reducing moisture loss in the hair. This can help to keep highly porous hair hydrated and healthy, reducing breakage and encouraging healthy hair growth.

3. Strengthening

Coconut oil is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that can help to strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. This is particularly important for high-porosity hair, which is often weaker and more prone to damage.

Overall, coconut oil is a very helpful ingredient for high-porosity hair because it helps keep the hair moist, strong, and sealed. If you have high-porosity hair, incorporating coconut oil into your hair care routine may help to improve the health and appearance of your hair.

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To nourished, healthy hair! Love MPL 🧡.

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