Caring for High Porosity Hair

4 tips for maintaining high porosity hair

Porosity is still something that many don’t understand so let’s unpack it. The outer layer of the hair strand is called the cuticle layer and porosity refers to how susceptible your hair cuticle is to water. Hair that is highly porous has cuticles that are more sparse than they are dense. What this all means is, high porous hair is able to absorb a lot of water.

"Hair porosity describes how the hair's cuticle absorbs and holds on to moisture in its pores—hence, the term porosity"

In contrast, low porosity hair tends to have difficulty absorbing moisture because the hair cuticles are more dense. While high porosity hair absorbs moisture easily, it releases it with the same ease making it prone to dryness. So how does one care for their highly porous hair? Here are 4 tips for caring for high porosity hair:

  1. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.