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A Pop of Colour!

By Phemelo Segoe

Spring is the season of life! It’s the season of rebirth, of beauty and most of all, of colour! Our hair is a canvas and colour is the brush we can use to create a masterpiece. Let’s look at 5 colours you can try out this Spring!

1.Why be boring when you can be Bronze?

This Spring why don’t you go big, bouncy and a beautiful bronze colour? Try it!

2. It takes two to Tango!

This INSTA couple shows us how to go blonde and make it bang this Spring! If you’re feeling shy about a bright colour, just convince your partner or friend to be daring with you!

3.What’s better than a Hue?

Why choose one colour when you can choose a palette? This blue-purple hue with turquoise highlights is popping okay?! A big Spring colour to try!

4. On Wednesday, we wear Pink!

Complete your perfect ‘Mean Girl’ outfit with hair to match. Or, just go pink and enjoy the playful energy you will exude!


You know what’s better than clouds covering the sun and giving you shade during Spring time? Your hair covering the sun, giving you shade and making you look flawless chile! Try this white afro, only if you have the liver!

And there you have it! Pops of colour inspo to get you poppin’ with colour this Spring! Don’t forget to share this article if you liked it and tag us if you try any of these colours! We’d love to send some love your way.

Love MPL!

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