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5 Affirmations to boost your hair confidence.

Affirmations are statements we use to assert that something is indeed true or to show support by agreeing with a statement. They are simple but powerful forms of positive self-talk and can help us reframe our inner dialogue. We can use affirmations to boost our self-esteem, to encourage us as well as to keep us on the path to creating the lives we want for ourselves.

Does this mean we can use affirmations when it comes to our hair? Of course. When it comes to building confidence, affirmations are your girl. Here are five affirmations to help boost your hair confidence.

1. I am settled in my own skin and I love my hair as it is. I do not need to change myself to be worthy of love and acceptance.

2. My hair is versatile and full of character, just like me. I don’t need to dim or exaggerate any part of myself for the approval of others. I am exactly what I need to be.

3. My hair is an extension of who I am. As I love it, I love me. As I care for it, I care for me.

4. Every hair milestone is worth celebrating, no matter how small or even unnoticeable to others. To me, my hair is growing, strengthening and becoming. That is worth my praise.

5. I am caring for my hair as I would water a flower to bloom. I am protecting my hair as I would a child to grow. I am treating my hair with the kindness I require for myself.

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