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How does exercise stimulate hair growth?

April 13, 2018


The number one reason why most women exercise is to lose weight. Yes, we may mask it with the “I just want to keep healthy” notion, but truth be told, it’s more often than not because we want to shed some extra kilos that we do not want.

That said, we are still very well aware of the benefits of exercise, beyond just losing weight. The release and increase of happy hormones (serotonin) is undeniable. One just feels so good after exercising. And I mean JUST after exercise, not a day later when your body is showing you flames.

So what if I told you guys that there is another amazeballs reason for us to exercise? Because there is, and you have probably already guessed it, because headline!

Yes ladies, exercise does stimulate your hair growth.

When we exercise, we sweat and through sweat all sorts of waste substances and toxins are flushed out from our skin pores. This gives us that fresh and glowing skin that we want. We also sweat from our scalp so hair follicles are also unclogged, giving enough room for the new hair to grow. Additionally giving us that new hair growth that we all want.

With the increase of blood flow from exercising also comes increased nutrients and oxygen and this provides much needed nourishment to the hair roots, therefore promoting not just hair growth, but very healthy hair growth.

The most beneficial exercises for hair growth are high level cardio workouts like running, cycling, dancing and even brisk walking. Yoga is also very good for your hair, with some poses said to increase blood flow to your scalp and head area specifically, amongst other benefits such as improved concentration, vitality and calm nerves.

So blood circulation is very crucial to healthy hair growth ladies.

It can also however be achieved with a scalp oil massage. A few minutes massaging your scalp with an essential oil also increases blood circulation and therefore stimulates hair growth. Try MPLs Relaxation Oil for your scalp oil massage to increase blood circulation and also refresh and rejuvenate the scalp. It is formulated with a combination of herbal and natural ingredients so you can say hello to a healthier and happier scalp!

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