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Beauty hacks that will save you time in the morning!

February 13, 2019

Morning’s can be so hectic! It can be difficult to fit everything in and face the day already feeling confident and productive. As women, we definitely feel better when we look better, so our morning prep routine is of utmost importance. These are some hacks that can save you a little more time to, perhaps squeeze in a little more beauty sleep if you wish. 


Prep your hair the night before.


Whether it’s washing your hair, sleeping in a ponytail, or doing twists to your hair for a twist-out, prepping it the night before will help a great deal in saving you time in the morning. You can use MPLs Black Castor oil to make sure your twist-out is thick and hydrated.


Do skin treatments at night


If you are into 10 step beauty treatments, like the Korean beauty skin treatment, it is best to do these at night. This will make it easier to keep it simple in the mornings, and do your basic cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise. 


Sleep with a silk/satin bonnet or pillowcase

Silk is the most gentle fabric for your hair and face. It does not absorb and retain moisture as much as other fabrics so it will definitely help with dealing with those unwanted breakouts, as well as frizzy hair. 

Healthier skin and a tamed mane means less time in front of the mirror. 






If shaving in the shower is going to be too time consuming, you can use lotion to dry shave your legs. Just apply a thick layer of lotion and shave as you would in the shower. Once done, you can simply wipe the excess lotion off leaving your legs smooth and baby soft. 



Use your fingers!


When it comes to applying makeup, using makeup tools like brushes and sponges can be time consuming. Although they give precise application, these tools they do need a lot of time. An alternative is using your fingers! This also works great for a natural finish on days when you don’t want to do too much. 


Opt for cream textures instead of powders

When you want to add some colour to your face, by way of blush or eyeshadow, opt for cream textures. Fingers work perfectly for application, as you just lightly pat. There is also no need for blending! You can also opt for a BB or tinted cream instead of a foundation. This is great for a dewy glow that looks effortless. 



Tint and shape eyebrows


Getting your brows shaped professionally is a huge time saver to your beauty routine. All you need to do is maintain them in between. Shaping and tinting allows you do less work to your face as it leaves your features defined, so need for heavy filling and shaping brows necessary. 


Red lippie!


Red lipstick is the arguably the quickest beauty routine. A matte red lipstick is one of the best ways to wake your face up and brighten it. With or without makeup, this a great confidence boost before you walk out the door!

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