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How I Am Protecting My Dyed Hair.

November 21, 2018



I am a short hair girl through and through. I am most comfortable with my hair short and easy to manage. However, that means I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to hairstyles I can do with my hair. So, whenever I want to switch it up, I dye my hair. I bleached it most recently and went beach blonde. This is the most bold I have gone with my hair, not counting the time I actually went bald, and I was nervous about how it would come out. Would my hair fall off? Would the texture of my hair change? I had all the worries one has when using peroxide on their hair. Fortunately for me, the result was more than amazing. I was happy how the colour came out and the texture of my hair, although it felt a little bit thinner.

Admittedly, I underestimated how much TLC my hair would actually need after dying. As I had dyed many times before and never had any extensive damage to my hair due to dye. However I had also never used peroxide, which is much harsher on the hair than just normal hair dye.

I have hydration issues when it comes to my hair, so that was the first thing I had to really take care of and treat. My hair became intensely dry after bleaching and it would fall off a lot more when combing, so I got a ‘Hair Mayonnaise’ as a protein mask, and have been using it weekly. I smother and massage my hair with it after a shampoo wash, cover my hair with a shower cap and leave it in for at least 20 mins. What I love about protein masks is the thick texture, you can feel the difference it makes to your hair instantly.



After washing the mask out with warm water, I use a leave-in conditioner in order to lock the moisture in and my hair is much softer after this.

A hot oil treatment is also ideal when it comes to dyed hair. I was advised, by a hair stylist, to do one weekly. She advised me to combine all the hair oils I have into a mixture and heat the bottle. In my case, I mix organic olive oil, avocado oil, and MPL Black Castor Oil. Once you have your own unique mixture, you can simply put the bottle in a container with boiled water and leave it in there for a few mins. Once the mixture has heated, I pour directly onto my scalp and massage it in for a few minutes. It is important for the oil to be heated because it will absorb much better into the scalp. After massaging, I cover my head with a shower cap in order to trap the heat. You can also wrap your head with a warm towel or cotton cloth. I leave this for 15-20 mins. I then rinse my hair and apply my leave-in conditioner. 

My hair has become less dry and with less breakage, granted I do this on a weekly basis. I have also been avoiding using curl custards or gels often, because I started to notice that the build up can also weaken my hair.

Remember ladies, it’s important to let your hair breathe and just be in it’s natural state. 

I want to dye pink or blue next, so we’ll see how that goes. 

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