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September 27, 2017

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Pre-poo: Why You Should Add It To Your Routine.

November 14, 2018



First of all, what is pre-pooing? Simply put, it is the step before adding your shampoo and conditioner, hence pre-(sham)poo. Imagine explaining this to a 4 year old, yikes!


Is this step necessary though? Yes, absolutely, here are some benefits. 

 Moisture - It helps to prepare the hair and protect it during the wash and from possibly being stripped of its natural oils, leading to dryness and weakness. 


 Detangling - Applying a pre-poo will moisturise the hair, therefore making detangling much easier. This also softens the hairs texture and reduces breakage. 


Elasticity and Shine - Ever wonder how some women have that bounce and shine to their curls, they probably did a pre-poo, as this also helps the hair with elasticity and sheen. 


Easy wash - Pre-pooing will also make washing less of a task as the dirt and debris will be removed much quicker. There will be no need to wash hair too rigorously. 


So this is an important step ladies, and you’ll be glad to know that you can pre-poo with products that you probably already have. You can make your own pre-poo mixture with ingredients you have at home. Some of the most notable ones being Extra Virgin Olive Oil, honey, avocado, eggs, coconut oil or milk and banana. The ingredients you decide to use will depend on what benefit you need the most and how much time you have. You can also opt for a store bought pre-poo of course. 


Here’s a coconut oil pre-poo you can try at home:

Pour a generous amount of MPL Coconut oil onto palm, rub hands together and then rub along your hair. You do not need to rub into the scalp, as the focus is mostly on the hair here. Make sure that you cover all your hair but do not use too much oil as we do not want to make the hair too oily.

Leave the oil in for 10-15 mins and then shampoo and/or condition your hair as usual. Simple as that. This is purely a step to add before your usual hair routine so try it out and see whether there is a difference and if you want to make it a permanent part of your routine. 

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