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September 27, 2017

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Why Is Sisterhood So Important?

November 7, 2018



Have you noticed how there is a women’s event every single week? If you live in a big or popular city, chances are, there is a gathering full of women happening somewhere. Why is that? Why are women constantly gathering and engaging? Is it that we just have a lot to say and share? Well, of course we do, but it’s also because community amongst us is so important. 

Community amongst women dates back to ancient times, ie The Red Tent, where women would go to be together during menstruation, and has always been a necessary and pivotal form of healing. We live in a world that is, unfortunately, always hurting or undervaluing women and making them feel unsafe. So spaces that are contrary to this and therefore support and protect women, are really important. 

A sisterhood that goes far beyond blood makes us an unshakable force as women. 

And we’ve always known and felt this, even as little girls. You can think about your childhood right now and recall a time when you felt so strong and powerful with your friends, and felt smarter than the boys. Quite frankly, you felt like you called the shots, even if you could not articulate that feeling. And this would be even more heightened when you were around other little girls right? You were sure and affirmed around these other feminine energies, and this extends into our womanhood. There’s an assurance that comes from being around other women. We feel like we are strong and valued when around each other. The TV sisterhood between Issa and Molly of Insecure is a perfect display of this. Their friendship is so real and pure, some would even say unbreakable? Sure, it is not short of its mishaps and tough times, but the resilience is evident. It’s beautiful.

That is what a sisterhood is. Being able to call each other out on our mistakes and still genuinely celebrate and support each other. A space of little to no judgement where we can lick our wounds and tend to them, away from the expectations of the world. 

The fact that, as women, our cycles synchronise when we spend enough time around each other is very telling of what kind of beings we are, and how we were created to bond and connect.

We have so many things to connect and bond over ladies, not just period pains and heartbreak. We really need each other. 

The natural hair movement and community is one of those things that has connected women. Women all over the world are “Yaaaas Queen-ing” each other over their crowns. You can definitely trust your sisters to share some good tips and products when it comes to looking after your tresses, and the MPL Sure2Gro Hair Oil is one of those products, with a special blend jojoba and menthol formulated to encourage hair growth. You can try it out with your sisters and compare results, encouraging each other to love ourselves and not skip wash days in the process. 




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